Jaqueline week #9

Last week was extremely stressful for me. I’ve worked hard on the prototype of our application, and even though I’ve put a lot of time into it, it seems like it was not enough.

I know that, just like me, everyone is tired, but I would like to clarify that my role as a designer is not to make things “beautiful”, there is a study behind everything that is designed for an interface, whether digital or not , chosen colors, fonts, information architecture, layout, none of them exist to be stored in the bottom of the drawer, and this should be applied.

Tuesday was our group’s breakfast, we did a really cool activity with the other groups, asking them to create screenshots of an app for seniors, interesting ideas came up, including someone gave a very good suggestion, which was use Material Design, which is a kind of good design practice manual developed by Google, I identified myself because it is a tool that I use a lot in the day-to-day.

Wednesday we continued working on our project for Thursday presentation. We received some criticism on Thursday, but I think our project is under way. Now is the final stretch, and I can only think of completing the project and returning home. It’s near the end!

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