Jaqueline week #6

We started the week by participating in a lecture and an Innovation Week workshop promoted by engineering courses. The students talked a little about the prototype they developed and sposed at the technology fair in Japan.

On Tuesday I arrived late for breakfast of the group 3, I did not participate in the activity. On Wednesday we worked hard on our slides, so everything was ready for Thursday.
On next day we gathered at the IF of Recoleta, we demonstrated our opportunities and solutions for the guests. Soon after we talked with Gonzalo, we validated the suggestions he made. We end the day with pizzas and wines of the highest quality.

On Friday morning we participated in a networking in a space located next to the Dome, we exchanged ideas with people who were exposing their projects, I liked this because I talked to people of other areas and I gived a suggestion for the implementation on something on project . This kind of activity interests me a lot because it is a very rich exchange of experiences that is capable of generating opportunities in the future.

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