Juan Pablo Week #9

Hi everyone!!

This week we had the LAST BREAKFAST :c that says a lot…

week 9.JPG

On monday we had the prototype presentation from the engineering students, as always they have very good results, but (as always too) Coni asks for more! I really hope every group reach their maxim for the finals, they deserve that. That afternoon we had some hours for prepare all the stuff for the week: breakfast, prototype, poster, presentation, video, logo, etc. So it was hard and still is.

On Tuesday we had to organize the last breakfast in the DUOC. As it was ours, I had to make an extra effort to be present, leaving my assistantship in charge of another teacher to come back a little later. The morning was rainy so not everyone who we thought would go, but anyway the workshop we prepared was very good and we were able to get some proposals for our final prototype. In the afternoon we continue working.

On Wednesday we had a small class of Coni to then go to work at the dome, during the afternoon we divided tasks focused on our skills, together with Fabiano we made the Stop Motion that tells more or less how our app works. The next day was our final (internal) presentation, the last opportunity to get feedback from the entire team of teachers.

And so it came on Thursday, we nervous, last chance, everything ready. Our Final Grand Deliverable. And how did everything go? Almost Perfect! They love our idea, Antonio and Fabiano presented very fast jaja but ON TIME! and after few constructive and necessary comments, we did it. The feeling was so cool but we have a lot of work in front.

For the next week we will have our DEMO DAY, and we must to do it (not almost) PERFECT

See you all!!!

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