Claudia Week #9


Ok, this was kinda the last week of Lapassion. It was a really hard work week. On Monday as usual we met Coni at Innovation center, she gave a little instructions for the last week of Lapassion, and Dilab present their prototypes, the process and the final. Then, we go to the dome We must to have all the interface of the app done, so we work until that was done, then Jaque must to design them to make the prototype. Also, the girls Julyana and Jaque will prepared the food to our breakfast on DDF.

Then, on Tuesday, was the last breakfast of Lapassion, and our team was in charge. The girls did a lot of tasty food, and we must also do an activity to help us in our project.

On Wednesday, we went to work in the dome again, after a mini class of Coni. We have to finished all of the stuff for our presentation on Thursday. I have to finish the poster, and the boys must to make the stop motion video. We work until very late. Is the final effort.

On Thursday, was the final grand deliverable before de Demo day. It was on the dome and came all the professors. We were the last in present, but it was ok! Our critics were good, we work a lot, we have a good presentation, a good poster, a good video and prototype, so it was a final cheer up to our project, although we must to correct a lot of things, we only have one week, but I trust in our group and in our work. Now, the final final week of Lapassion!

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