Antonio Week 8#

This week has been super important for the development of our project. After last week we ended up having to re-evaluate our entire solution, which was not an easy process.

At the beginning of the week, Andrea facilitated a brainstorming process. This was super useful for us as a team because we had really been struggling with ideation, and it can sometimes be hard to employ brainstorming techniques without an outside facilitator. Everyone in the team came up with 15 ideas, and then all the other groups added 10 more. I personally was trying to think more outside the box with my ideas, drawing from ideas like creative place-making, that I had learned during my architecture internship.

We boiled everything down to 3 ideas. The first was game that took elderly and their families out into their neighborhoodsIMG_5354.JPG, with the aim of improving their confidence in the city. The second was an app very similar to another group that organized info about events and businesses for the elderly. And the third was an app that allowed elderly to upload history, photos and experiences onto geographic pins for use of others.

The third idea was by far our classes favorite, and this is the direction that we took of running in. We spent the next two days hammering out the details of our new solution, getting it approved by Cata, Coni and Andrea. This weekend we are going to go out testing our interface prototype, as well as the remote data collection feature of the app with a google form.

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